We offer expert installation by trained technicians certified on Panasonic, TIE, Comdial, Nortel, and many others. Technicians are clean, neat, and knowledgeable. Cutovers are done painlessly and with little interruption and service to the customers. We are experts on older buildings in downtown L.A. with hard to work with and cumbersome wiring, wire wrap, and other difficult teleco rooms. We place orders from the phone company as MPOE which means no extra phone company cost to bring lines up to suites.

Key Systems

Electronic Key Systems have been the work horse of the communication industry. They allow you to field multiple lines on your phone. It allows you to easily transfer calls to others. It implements voice calling to other rooms or areas with an answer back feature.

Voice Mail/Auto Attendant

Voice mail systems can be added to the phone system that allows voice messaging for people who call in, and can be transferred into your voice mail box. Each extension can have a voice mail box where they can receive and delivery messages to other callers. Users can be beeped or paged when they have messages; also main greetings can be established to answer your phone during lunch or after hours or even full auto attended systems so it allows the user to route the call to the extension and/or mail boxes that they want. The voice mail system starts at 2 port systems and very reasonable and grow to 32 ports for our large PBX’s.

Auto attendant voice mail systems allow the phone system to answer the phone for you with your own custom greetings and invite users to route themselves to extensions within the phone system or mail boxes. All other voice mail parameters and functions apply allowing you to run your business without a receptionist, it also makes your business look larger then it may actually be.

T-1/PRI Lines

These digital lines from the phone company allow 24 dial tone or talk paths of different types. There can be DID’s, dial tones, tie lines, a number of different sources on the T-1. This is more cost effective for long distance rates.

Primary rate interface is more inexpensive than T-1 and it works on certain systems not all. It is a 23 channel digital connection to the phone company allows cheaper rates for long distance and over all reduction of phone bills.

DID Lines

Direct inward dial, these are special lines from the phone company that allow the users to have block of phone numbers that are not phone numbers and the customer is not charged on the basis of them of phone numbers they are phantom numbers that are in order like 325-5600, 5601, 5602 they come in blocks of 25, 50, 100 they allow a special card in the system to support it and when those phone numbers are dialed they are able to be directly routed to a person phone like a private phone number.

Computer Network Wiring

We provide and install computer network wiring. We only use the latest cat5e cables and connectors and patch panels for the highest transmission available. Plenum wiring is offered at extra cost for fire proof conditions. Are systems are tested and certified.