Access Control and Residential


We are residential experts with a long history of working with large estates with phone instruments from 5 to 300 instruments. We offer a wide range of specialty jacks and covers for high-end estate homes. Our ability to install wiring and systems with the up most care is second to none.

Caller ID

Caller ID is available for all our systems that will show the name and number of the caller in the display of ringing phones in the system. Some systems offer number only or name only depending on which system it is there is also logging capability in one phone that keeps a log up to 30 numbers and names in the system for recalling later of whose called. This service is supported by the local telephone companies and there is an extra line charged for transmitting the caller id service to your phone service.

Cordless Phones

Residential and home office users can take advantage of multi line cordless phones. These phones have buttons for outside lines that light up and wink just like the stationary phones. they use spread spectrum technology which obtains large coverage of use in and out of residences. Features include multi line appearances hold, intercom, redial, Caller ID display, and many more.

Door Boxes

Phone systems offer the flexibility of door box communications at front doors, front gates, and other entrances to the property. These offer ring in with our digital systems offering different tones and durations and offer two way communications with the door box from any phone in the system and opening capability of electric strikes or electric gates.

Computer Network Wiring

We provide and install computer network wiring. We only use the latest cat5e cables and connectors and patch panels for the highest transmission available. Plenum wiring is offered at extra cost for fire proof conditions. Are systems are tested and certified.